Paul Curran - Author


Paul Curran was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1975.  He holds a degree in English Language & Literature from the University of Oxford and a Master's Degree from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.  He has worked widely as a professional actor.

His Only Sonnet is Paul Curran's first collection of poetry.



Struck by the enduring appeal of the sonnet and its specific poetic challenges, Paul Curran sets out to write poems that are modern in subject matter yet traditional in form.  Fourteen line snapshots of cars, sport, tools and modern life sit alongside ruminations on love, death, nature, art and time.

These thought-provoking sonnets, written with a lightness of touch, are accessible to all readers.  Wide-ranging in scope and loosely following the pattern of the seasons, His Only Sonnet tells of a whole year viewed through the lens of poetry and song.


'Actor turns his talented hand to poetry'

Ian Hughes 24th Jul, 2017  |  Stratford Observor


Hear Paul Curran discuss poems old and new each week on NCCR with Peter Lewis and Richie 'Jukebox' West - every Tuesday at 8PM: Paul Curran's Poetry Corner

North Cotswolds Community Radio, Peter and Paul.


'I enjoyed reading Paul's poems ... for their energy and imagery, and their striking turns of phrase.'

Professor Judith Burdan Flagler College, St Augustine, Florida


'an impressive and life-enhancing mix... in a richly detailed canvas; breezily contemporary'

Roger Pringle  Shakespearean, Lecturer, Writer, Publisher, Poet



'the exposed heart of a thoughtful, sensitive, romantic, spiritual man'

F. LaGard Smith author of Out on a Broken LimbPortrait of an Obama Nanny StateMeeting God in Quiet Places


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About Time, Too

I can’t tell you how glad I was to find
The watch I lost, fully two days ago,
Before our visit to the casino.
It is the sort one never needs to wind
And I feared I’d gone and left it behind,
Dropped down silently in the snow.  I do
Recall, though, some mad dashing to and fro,
As making time had been much on my mind.
But it’s back with me now and counting out
My minutes and seconds and daily hours,
These fleeting years which are not really ours,
This loaned life, vivid and loud as a shout,
Which within, around and over us pours -
So swift - be we sinful, be we devout.



'Fascinating poems.'

Sir Stanley Wells Honorary President of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust & Emeritus Professor of Shakespeare Studies, Birmingham University